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‘Beautiful scenery and the City of Angels’

A combination of San Francisco and Los Angeles as a twin-centre itinerary provides any adventurers looking to explore the West Coast of America with a trip of a lifetime.

Starting in San Francisco, you will experience a breathtakingly beautiful city which is home to the Golden Gate Bridge – one of the World’s most famous monuments. Soak up the lovely atmosphere of the city, watching the iconic cable car system as you enjoy your morning coffee at one of the city’s many coffee shops. Relaxation can’t be served better than that.

Heading to Los Angeles, you will find yourselves in the celebrity capital of the World. Here, you’ll have the chance to experience the hectic, everyday life of A-list celebrities, while also enjoying an entertaining and eventful stroll down the legendary Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Combining these two destinations as a multi-centre holiday is a perfect way to experience two of California’s most famous cities and will give you a great memory of USA’s west coast.


Destination 1: San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in California. It is particularly famous for the picturesque Golden Gate Bridge, but the city offers much more beyond the classic structure. The city has a very proud heritage and is widely regarded as one of America’s cleanest cities.

A city rich on landmarks, Alcatraz offers another amazing cultural experience, where you’ll be able to take a guided tour of the legendary abandoned prison known for its remote location on an island leaving prisoners with no escape routes.

If you are looking to explore the best of San Francisco, we recommend a trip on the famous cable car system.

From the cable car system, you can take a trip to Fisherman’s Wharf, an area known to attract a huge amount of tourists. At Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll find attractions such as Pier 39 – a shopping centre built on a pier – and a number of street performances. You will also have a chance to get close up to California sea lions that regularly visit the pier.

San Francisco is a popular destination for any explorer. We recommend transportation by the iconic cable car system allowing yourselves to explore everything the city has to offer.

Destination 2: Los Angeles

From San Francisco, a relatively brief trip of a few hundred kilometres will take you to the celebrity capital of the World – Los Angeles.

Commonly nicknamed the ’City of Angels’, Los Angeles is the place to be for anyone looking to enjoy the celebrity lifestyle or possibly even catch a glimpse of an idol or a childhood hero.

As a city, Los Angeles doesn’t hide the fact that it is home to some of the most famous people in show business. The Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame are just two examples of this. The Walk of Fame is a particularly well-visited landmark, which will give you the chance to grab a unique photo next to the star of your favourite celebrity.

Apart from the rich celebrity culture, Los Angeles is rich in events, activities and other experiences. An unforgettable walk down the Venice Beach Boardwalk will invite you to take part in many impromptu events as well as enjoy a meal at one of the most luxurious restaurants or high-end cafes you will have ever seen.

Los Angeles is a perfect destination for anyone interested in show business, while it also offers a number of activities and events for the common traveler.

We certainly recommend a trip to the city of Angels.

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