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‘From the financial Capital to the political Capital of America’

This popular multi-centre trip to New York and Washington is a must for anyone looking to explore the financial, historical and political aspects of America. Located relatively close to each other on the East Coast, travelling between the two cities will keep you fresh allowing you all the more time to explore.

Starting in New York, the Financial Capital of the World, you’ll be able to bask in numerous famous landmarks, fantastic restaurants and bars as well as take in some of the most eye-catching sights in the World.

From New York, a short trip to Washington D.C. will take you to the nation’s capital and home to the President of the United States. In Washington, you will experience a political environment in the most important political city in the World. Here, you’ll see many famous, political landmarks and catch a glimpse of how busy people in this city are.

A combination of New York and Washington as a twin-centre is perfect for anyone looking to get an insight into two of America’s most important cities.


Destination 1: New York

New York is a truly astonishing city. Consisting of five boroughs, the city on the East Coast of America has a number of nicknames such as The Capital of the Universe and The Melting Pot. These nicknames describe the city perfectly.

New York offers not only some amazing landmarks, it also offers an unbelievable amount of cultures and various people. This is especially evident in areas such as Little Italy and Chinatown, where you’ll be able to enjoy traditional Italian and Chinese cuisine.

New York is filled to the rim with ideas that will keep you occupied during your holiday. The city is full of exciting, immersive museums that are highly regarded on a worldwide scale and we definitely recommend that you take an unforgettable tour around the Museum of Modern Art and Guggenheim Museum, both of which are considered to be world class museums.

After a long, interesting day at a museum, you’ll be thrilled to know that New York offers a wide range of restaurants and bars to satisfy any visitor.

Destination 2: Washington DC

From the financial capital of the World, to the actual capital of USA and home to the most powerful man on the planet. Washington D.C. is located just a few hundred miles to the South West of New York and every year, the city is visited by thousands – both for business purposes but also for leisurely purposes.

The most famous landmark in Washington D.C. is the White House – home of the President of the United States. However, Washington is full of beautiful landmarks. Most of these landmarks lie in and around the White House area, but no trip to Washington is complete without having taken a trip to the Capitol Building as well as admiring some of the presidential memorials. At the Lincoln Memorial Pool, you’ll find yourselves at the same site that Martin Luther King gave his famous speech many years ago.

While Washington is a hugely political city, it is also famous for its wonderful cherry blossoms, which provide a unique and beautiful sight around the city.

The city of Washington is a must-see for anyone interested in the historical and political aspects of USA.

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