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‘A joyous journey down America’s East coast’

This popular route allows you to experience two of the most famous and immersive cities on the East coast of America.

Starting in New York, you’ll be able to enjoy the wide range of landmarks while also exploring the shopping opportunities, luxury resorts, fascinating architecture and amazing atmosphere that all five boroughs in ‘The Big Apple’ have to offer.

From New York, a short flight down the East coast will take you to the tropical city of Miami which will offer you everything you need from a holiday in a summer climate. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic beaches, while also engaging in one of America’s most renowned cultures in terms of nightlife.

By combining these two destinations as a multi-centre trip, you will create yourself a memorable twin-centre holiday engaging yourselves in USA at its finest.


Destination 1: New York

Referred to by some as the Capital of the World, New York is one of the most famous cities. Located on the East coast of USA, this city will offer you everything you could wish for in a holiday.

From historical venues to beautiful gardens – New York will not leave you disappointed as you wander the streets admiring the buildings that you’re bound to have seen in television shows and movies.

On the island of Manhattan, you’ll be able experience the beautiful Central Park, the mesmerising Times Square and the emotional 9/11 memorial site. In outer suburbs such as Queens or Brooklyn, you will found yourself immersed in the amazing urban culture that this city has to offer.

New York is full of experiences leaving you with a whole host of ideas to venture upon. After a long day, we must recommend a walk down Brooklyn Bridge to gain a beautiful view of the wonderful New York City skyline with the Statue of Liberty standing proudly in the bay.

Destination 2: Miami

Situated at the foot of America in the glorious state of Florida, Miami provides you with one of the country’s most luxurious locations.

Miami is famous for its tropical climate and just off the coast of the city, you’ll find Miami Beach Island, home of some of the World’s most famous beaches, which is a must see for any holiday-goer looking to soak up the sun.

Miami offers a host of tourist attractions for the entire family, such as museums, zoos, gardens and huge sports venues that house some of America’s most successful sports teams.

The city is located just North of Cuba and offers a number of cultural pearls. Take a trip down Little Havana, which will present you with some of Cuba’s most fascinating food and entertainment.

Miami boasts a wide range of shopping possibilities to please all of your needs, while you’ll be able to bask in the city’s numerous bars and restaurants that constantly offer good deals.

The tropical, metropolitan paradise of Miami will certainly live up to your holiday expectations.

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