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‘Celebrity culture and elite experiences.’

By selecting this twin-centre holiday to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, you are heading to the world of the elite and giving yourselves an experience that will long be remembered.

Heading to Los Angeles, you will be able to engage in the everyday lives of A-list celebrities. Famous locations such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard will allow you the chance to experience some of the areas that are famous for the people who reside there.

From the celebrity culture of Los Angeles, you’ll head to the somewhat infamous city of Las Vegas to engage in an elite culture in a city famous for its casinos, nightlife and high-street shopping opportunities.

This popular multi-centre trip is truly an experience of a lifetime for anyone fascinated with the celebrity culture of Hollywood and Los Angeles as well as those of you looking to engage in unforgettable parties in the streets of Las Vegas.


Destination 1: Los Angeles

Los Angeles in California is the celebrity capital of the World. This is the place to come if you are looking to mingle with the Hollywood elite.

Located right on the coast of California, Los Angeles is a vibrant city which is mostly famous for its A-list celebrities, beautiful weather, electrifying nightlife and shopping opportunities.

When in Los Angeles, we have to recommend that you visit the famous Hollywood sign. Located in the mountains, you’d be able to get a stunning glimpse of the celebrity city below. Sticking with the celebrity theme, a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame is another activity worth experiencing as you engage yourselves with some of the most famous people in show business. You’ll also be able to experience the Dolby Theatre – a venue that hosts the Oscars.

Los Angeles is truly a place that allows any visitor to experience the celebrity elite. However, it also offers beautiful scenery. A tropical climate with palm trees wherever you look, we recommend that you pack your summer clothes and head on an unforgettable adventure.

Destination 2: Las Vegas

Akin to Los Angeles, Las Vegas is another unbelievably vibrant city. It is famous for its casinos, stunning illuminated visuals that really come into their own at night as well as its high street shopping possibilities.

A perfect place to head for anyone looking to party, the casinos is a must for any adventurous visitor feeling lucky. However, if casinos don’t sound appealing, maybe a trip to the Cirque de Soleil will whet the appetite. Here, you will be able to catch shows and performances that are exclusive to the venue.

For anyone looking to get the adrenaline going ahead of a night out in the city, take a trip to the top of the Stratosphere Tower, where any daredevils will be able to ride a rollercoaster or other thrill rides atop the building as well as try bungee jumping.

Las Vegas is famous for its high-street shopping and this is the place to be if you’re looking for any good deals from the likes of Chanel or Gucci.

Las Vegas is big and you’ll rarely find a quiet moment. It is a completely unique experience that will live with you for a long time.

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