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‘Embrace the culture – then party!’

This multi-centre holiday to New York and Cancun will allow you to embrace and enjoy the culture of New York before moving onto one of Mexico’s best party cities in Cancun.

In New York you’ll find yourselves with a wide array of possibilities. On Manhattan alone, there is enough to keep you occupied for some time. When you’re in New York, you’ll soon appreciate why it is commonly referred to as the greatest city in the World.

Flying south to Mexico will take you to Cancun, which is located by the sea on the border of the Mexican Gulf and the Caribbean. This tropical paradise is well known for its sensational beaches and riveting nightlife. If you’ve gone on holiday to party, Cancun is the place to be.

A combination of New York and Cancun as a twin-centre trip will let you experience one of the most awe inspiring cities in the World before heading to an out-and-out party destination.


Destination 1: New York

The five boroughs that make up New York City all have their own charm, but the most famous of them all is Manhattan by a distance.

Here, you will find all of the most recognisable buildings and landmarks, while it is also home to some of America’s finest talent within comedy and theatre. In New York, you’ll always have the chance to take a trip to see some stand-up comedy, while exclusive performances and shows on Broadway are other recommendations for visitors.

The endless amount of high-end restaurants will provide you with plenty good deals and meals that are second to none. After a meal, one of New York’s many bars and nightclubs will keep you going for hours.

This magical city is a gem and deserves its status as best city in the World. Even a mere observation of the traditional yellow taxis in the city will bring a smile to any visitor’s face.

New York is worth every penny and it’s a perfect destination for your next holiday.

Destination 2: Cancun

From New York you’ll head south of the American border to the Mexican city of Cancun. Located just by the coast, this pulsating city is in many ways similar to its northern neighbour Miami.

There is no hiding behind the fact that Cancun is famous for its sumptuous beaches and sterling nightlife. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists from across the World looking to join the party. In fact, Cancun is one of the most popular holiday destinations for American college students heading on their Spring Break.

However, if you’re not looking to take part in these parties, Cancun has much more to offer. Its beaches that surround the city are encompassed by the most glorious blue sea. Here, you will be able to head out to swim with bottlenose dolphins or scuba dive. If you’re seeking a quiet moment, we recommend one of the city’s many top class golf courses.

If swimming or golf isn’t your thing, you’ll be pleased to hear that Cancun offers a tremendous amount of shopping opportunities ranging from large shopping malls to exclusive retail stores.

Cancun is the perfect place for anyone looking to soak up a party atmosphere.

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