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‘Capital of the Universe and a seafood paradise’

A great way of exploring a huge city and a quiet island is this multi-centre trip to New York and Barbados.

Starting in New York, you’ll set foot in a place that is commonly known as The Big Apple or to some The Capital of the Universe. It’s hard to disagree with the latter, as the sheer magnitude of New York truly shows how significant a city it is.

Following your stay in New York, you’ll head to the Caribbean island of Barbados which will offer an equally impressive trip as New York, but in a completely different manner. This small island is relatively quiet and will offer you a number of lovely beaches to rest up after a busy time taking in New York.

A combination of these two destinations as a twin-centre holiday is a fantastic way to not only experience one of the World’s most immersive and diverse cities, but also allow yourselves a brief escape to a perfect little gem in the Caribbean.


Destination 1: New York

One of the most immersive and astonishing cities on the planet, New York is home to some of the most impressive landmarks imaginable. Consisting of five boroughs, New York is the main capital of finance with Wall Street being one of the most famous areas of the city.

New York also offers a huge amount of culture and impressive cuisine. You’ll find restaurants serving traditional American food, while you’ll also stumble upon some incredible restaurants offering cuisine from all over the World.

In terms of sights and landmarks, New York has everything. It’s hard to restrict ourselves to a few, but a trip to the top of the Empire State Building is recommended.

New York is full to the brim of deals and ideas just waiting for you to explore and enjoy. If you’re into museums, you should head to the Museum of Modern Art. If you’re into sports, why not head to the wonderful Madison Square Garden to engage in American sports culture at its finest.

As you can see, New York has something for everyone, so the entire family is certain to have their dreams fulfilled in this magical city.

Destination 2: Barbados

Situated just North of Venezuela and Guyana in the Caribbean, you’ll find the beautiful tropical island of Barbados. Despite its relatively modest size, this island has so much to offer and will provide you with a host of ideas ahead of your holiday.

Surrounded by beautiful blue water, Barbados is a true island paradise. Its wonderful sandy beaches are filled with palm trees and offer some of the most relaxing environments in the Caribbean.

Natural wonders are quite common in Barbados, and we definitely recommend a trip to one of the island’s beautiful, mysterious caves. Take a trip to Harrison’s Cave and prepared to explore one of the most beautiful sights that are truly testament to the amazing nature that Barbados has to offer. Its location offers some of the most impressive aquatic wildlife, which you can explore closely by heading on snorkeling and diving trip.

Barbados is well-known for its luxurious seafood, so we must recommend that you head to one of the island’s beautiful restaurants to sample some of the freshly caught seafood. Immerse yourselves in the culture and cuisine and Barbados is guaranteed to leave an impression on you.

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