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‘Combining two cultural cannons’

A wonderful twin-centre combination of Dubai and Phuket is a perfect way of escaping the cold winter and enjoying a couple of tropical paradises in two of the most interesting and vibrant places.

Dubai needs no introduction. Since the 1960’s, it has thrived on a rich mixture between culture, luxury, architecture, nightlife and shopping. It offers any holiday goer a trip of a lifetime and is certainly recommended as a destination that must be experienced.

From Dubai, you’ll head to Thailand and more specifically the island of Phuket. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the most scintillating beaches in Thailand while also visiting some of the country’s most impressive temples. The Thai food is another aspect of Phuket you won’t want to miss.

A combination of these two destinations as a multi-centre will allow you to grab your summer clothes and enjoy warmer climates and captivating cultures.


Destination 1: Dubai

Dubai’s incredible transformation over the last 50 years is bound to capture the interest of anyone considering visiting. It’s truly remarkable what the city has achieved since the mid 1960’s and the discovery of oil.

Following the discovery, hundreds of the World’s most impressive buildings and structures have been created, while the metropolitan area has become even more and more diverse with many Westerners heading to Dubai.

With this in mind, the atmosphere in the city is a cultural melting pot, which will offer you a wide range of ideas and experiences for your upcoming holiday. Whether you’re looking to embrace the religious culture of Dubai at one of the mosques or heading on an adventurous jeep safari through the desert, Dubai will provide you with many varied memories.

Dubai offers a number of luxurious resorts to please all your needs before you head out for a lovely evening at one of the city’s many fantastic restaurants. If that isn’t enough, why not continue into the night at the mightily impressive Skyview Bar, which will provide you with a unique view of the city below.

Destination 2: Phuket

One of the most tourist-friendly destinations in Asia is the island of Phuket in the West of Thailand. Known for its year-round tropical climate, it provides the perfect destination for anyone looking for a short break in the lovely Thai heat.

Phuket offers some of Thailand’s most luxurious beaches which are definitely worth enjoying during a few lazy afternoons. For anyone looking to explore the island beyond the beaches, you will not be disappointed as there are a number of ideas to keep you going for days.

The nightlife around Phuket is extremely active in such a way that most beaches have their own small slice of nightlife. The island also plays host to a number of festivals throughout the year with the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in October being one of its most famous events.

When you’re in Thailand, you have to embrace the cuisine. Thai food is famous everywhere, but in areas such as Phuket, you’ll find it more than your regular Thai food experience with most courses containing extra spices as well as freshly caught seafood.

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