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‘An adventure of culture and religion’

A combination of Dubai and Sri Lanka as a multi-centre holiday is the perfect itinerary for anyone looking to experience both a huge city constantly undergoing rapid development and a beautiful island characterised by Buddhism and scenery.

In Dubai, you will set foot in possibly the fastest growing city in the World. The sheer magnitude of the city is likely to blow any visitor away. Dubai offers some of the best architecture, restaurants, adventures and events, so there are plenty of ideas to keep you going in the stunning Arabian heat.

From Dubai, you’ll head to Sri Lanka. This relatively small island is rich on nature and religion. Sri Lanka invites any adventurer to head on glorious treks through its natural beauty, while it is also the perfect destination to be gain an insight into Buddhism as a high majority of the Sri Lankan people practise the religion.

Combining these two destinations as a twin-centre will give you all the conditions to create a memorable holiday.


Destination 1: Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, and even though it isn’t the capital of UAE, it is arguably the most famous city in the country.

Everything about Dubai is huge. The steps the city has made since the discovery of oil in the 60’s to today is almost difficult to believe. It truly is a destination we recommend to anyone.

In Dubai you’ll have the chance explore a culturally diverse city while also experiencing and witnessing some of the World’s most aesthetically pleasing architecture. While the Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab are obvious attractions to any holiday-goer, the Cayan Tower is an equally impressive sight with its twist of 90 degrees making it a remarkable building that will leave you in awe.

Dubai is well known for its luxury. Here, you will find numerous high-end shopping opportunities as well as relaxing resorts such as the wonderful Hotel Jumeirah located just by the Burj al Arab.

A trip to Dubai will provide you with a summer climate all year round making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to spend their next holiday in warmer climates.

Destination 2: Sri Lanka

Just south of India you’ll find the island of Sri Lanka, which will offer you a unique insight into Buddhism while also inviting visitors to explore its scenery which is second to none.

More than 70 per cent of the inhabitants of Sri Lanka are Buddhists. The religion is marked by the large amount of Buddhist temples located across the country. For any visitor, a trip to one or several of these temples is the best way to explore the religion and what it means for the people. Depending on where you stay, The Golden Temple, Temple of the Tooth and Golden Cave Temple are three particularly beautiful and culturally immersing temples in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka offers so much more than just temples. Its scenery is something else. Here, you will certainly not run out of ideas. You’ll be able to embark on adventurous hikes, visit numerous beautiful natural parks or take a trip to see some of Sri Lanka’s finest natural landmarks such as The Lion Rock or The Pidurangala Rock, which are both located in the Sigiriya region of the island.

In Sri Lanka you are bound to be awash with unique experiences and adventures leaving a huge impression on any visitor.

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