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‘A city and an island group – all in one’

This multi-centre trip to Dubai and Seychelles will undoubtedly quench your thirst for a lovely holiday in paradise.

Travelling to one of the World’s most impressive cities, Dubai, you’ll be able to engage in city life in a way you have never experienced before. Dubai is scorching all year round, so you’ll be happy to hear that every mall, store, restaurant and bar is air-conditioned allowing you to experience and enjoy the city in the most relaxing manner.

A couple of hours by plane will take you to the beautiful Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Here, you’ll completely be able to switch off as you enjoy relaxing days on the beach and embark upon amazing hiking trips, which are bound to tick the boxes for any adventurer.

This twin-centre holiday will give you the best platform to combine a big city holiday with a relaxing island holiday. We recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of diversity for their next holiday.


Destination 1: Dubai

The impressive city of Dubai located in the Arabian peninsula is a perfect place for you to begin your twin-centre holiday. Dubai will provide you with tonnes of activities for any given need, which enables you to explore this amazing city in whichever way you feel like.

Dubai as we know it has an interesting history and represents a number of religious and cultural activities. The best way to engage in the fascinating culture is by taking a trip to one of the many mosques to really appreciate the local people and how they go about life in Dubai.

When Dubai discovered oil in the 1960’s, it laid a foundation for what we now know as one of the most popular tourist destinations and fastest growing cities in the World. The discovery of oil has allowed the creation of the most incredible structures and landmarks you will have ever laid your eyes on. Burj Khalifa, The Palm Islands and The World Islands are just three examples of this.

Dubai is an extraordinary experience and the perfect destination for any couple or family.

Destination 2: Seychelles

A few thousand miles south of Dubai, you’ll find Seychelles. Located in the Indian Ocean, this impressive country consists of more than 100 islands.

Its relatively remote location in the Indian Ocean suggests that Seychelles offers a truly relaxing island experience, which literally gives you a break from the rest of the World. Compassed in beautiful nature, the island group is also surrounded by tantilising turquoise water offering you the chance to have a dip in the most breathtaking of scenes.

Seychelles offers a variety of experiences, but we definitely recommend that you spend most time exploring all the various islands and what they have to offer. Most islands are accessible by short boat trips, which in turn will allow you to lay your eyes on beautiful scenery as well as appreciate the wonderful wildlife of the region.

If you’d like to take a trip into the life of the locals in Seychelles, take a visit to the Victorian Market where you’ll find yourselves surrounded by hospitable locals looking to show off their cuisine and other deals.

Seychelles will provide you with a tranquil experience which will truly contribute to an amazing holiday.

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