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‘Thailand’s Tantilising culture’

A popular route for all culture seekers is this twin-centre trip to two of the most astonishing places in Thailand allowing you a chance to experience the beautiful country in the best possible manner.

Starting off in Bangkok, you will be treated to historical venues and mindblowing architecture in a city that is rarely quiet. Experience the amazing atmosphere of Bangkok, while you bask in its wonderful restaurants and bars during Bangkok’s incredible nightlife.

A short flight from Bangkok will take you to the illustrious island of Koh Samui. Here, you’ll find some of Thailand’s natural wonders as well wonderful wildlife.

This twin-centre holiday to Bangkok and Koh Samui is bound to show you Thailand from is mesmerising best. By combining these two destinations, you will be treating yourself to a trip full of ideas, culture and amazing experiences that will leave an everlasting impression.


Destination 1: Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most astounding cities you can visit. This vibrant city is full of ideas for everyone, whether you are looking for ancient, historical sites or mainly heading there for the huge markets and impressive Thai cuisine.

We recommend that you take a trip to the mightily impressive Grand Palace where you’re bound to learn much more about this country’s history and engaging culture.

The Chatuchak Market in Bangkok offers another essential idea for all of you looking to explore every aspect of Bangkok. The market, which consists of more than 15,000 stalls, is bound to keep you captivated for hours.

Thai cuisine offers you a unique insight into Asian food and by taking a trip to one of the numerous street food stalls, you will be offered a little bit of everything from the friendly vendors, who are bound to serve you all types of food, some of which you would have never imagined.

Bangkok is such an immersive and diverse city, which we could write pages about. A whole host of various historical, cultural and fun activities combined with the heat will provide you with an unforgettable holiday.

Destination 2: Koh Samui

Just of the east coast of Thailand lies the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Second in size only to Phuket, Koh Samui offers you the perfect opportunity to experience a tropical Thai holiday.

Similar to other islands in the area, Koh Samui offers a vast amount of sensual sandy beaches, while also showing off some of the country’s most impressive wildlife.

The Koh Samui nature is another aspect of the island which you will be completely in awe of. Take a trip to the Tropical Garden to experience some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever have seen.

While the nature is incredible, the daredevil and adrenaline hunter in you will be able to enjoy snorkeling or bungee jumping giving you a tremendous experience leaving an impression on you for years to come.

Koh Samui is the perfect place to experience a relaxing island holiday. The resort is full of ideas and deals to keep you occupied and entertained. We guarantee that Koh Samui will live up to every expectation you may have.

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