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‘The Far East & further..’

Singapore is a great stop off destination on a multi-centre itinerary and provides a world leading city that is clean, safe and a delight to spend time in. Pairing Bali with Singapore will keep those who want to add an extra dimension to their holiday happy and provide an interesting contrast to the Indonesian Island of Bali.

Bali is world renowned for its beauty, culture and beaches. It is often described as a ‘tropical paradise’ and is popular with travellers from far and wide. Whether you want to spend your holiday tucked away on an exclusive resort or experience the varied nightlife that Bali has to offer, this twin-centre itinerary is hard to beat when heading east.

We would suggest at least 3 nights in Singapore and 7-10 nights in Bali. This allows plenty of time for sightseeing whilst in Singapore and ample time to unwind whilst in Bali.


Destination 1: Singapore

Singapore is a global city and republic state that borders Malaysia and is one of the few Island cities in the world. Famed for its rich cultural history and clean and efficient transport systems, Singapore is a friendly and welcoming destination with all the charm of the far east.

Roaming round the city you will find diverse cuisine with some of the region’s top restaurants and famed eclectic street fare, served in hawker centres such as Tiong Bahru and Maxwell Road.

Steeped in colonial British history, Singapore’s architecture and buildings reflect the period of British rule and afternoon tea at the famous Raffles hotel is a must on any visitors itinerary. This is a city that will take days to fully explore-make sure you give yourself enough time..

Destination 2: Bali

Paradise is a word that quite accurately describes Bali. With coral reefs, beautiful mountain vistas, lush paddy fields and golden beaches, Bali’s reputation as a top tropical retreat is well justified.

Loved by travellers and tourists alike, Bali’s way of life will soothe even the most stressed westerner and with meditation and yoga part of Island life, any visitor will leave feeling fully refreshed.

Bali is part of the Coral Triangle, an area considered rich in biodiversity and some the region’s best diving and underwater pursuits can be explored in Bali. Visitors will be enchanted by Bali’s charms and many return time and time again.

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